Roon still sees deleted albums

After deleting a cd folder on my NAS music library, the cd still shows up in Roon’s list of library albums. (note: Tidal doesn’t even have the album.) Each track is listed in duplicate. None of the tracks play, of course, because they’ve been deleted in the library. When clicking on “play”, I get a message saying, “transport: too many failures”.

I’ve tried the library force rescan and clean up library commands. No luck. I’m running my Roon v.1.5 core on a Synology NAS, controlling it from an iMacPro and playing through a Naim Atom endpoint. My music folders being “watched” are only on the NAS and I’m certain the files in question are deleted. All of the OS and software is current.

Is there a correct way to delete an album folder from NAS storage files so Roon will delete the album from its database? Is there a workaround to clear reference to this (or other) CD’s from Roon?

Suggestions will be appreciated!

Could you check that you aren’t including the synology trash folder, others have had this problem and, for them, that was the issue.

Hi Rich,

What you have a done should be just fine. As forcing a rescan did not help I’d suggest stopping and re-starting the Roon Core.

It’s also worth checking the albums/tracks file path so see where Roon thinks the file is located.

Hi @Rich_Hass,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

As Carl has suggested above, can you check the path that is showing in Roon?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Thanks for the quick response. I’m running Roon v.1.5 (build 360) stable 64 bit. My core is on a Synology DS218+ named NAS_1. The NAS_1 address is The Synology disk manager software reports “good” (working well). I just checked, and the File Station window in the disk manager doesn’t show deleted files. As I recall, when I deleted them, I was warned that the deletion would be irreversible.

Does Roon offer a way to “see” the location of stored music? It would be helpful in cases like this.

Here’s a screen shot of my storage settings.

Go to an album in question. Go to any Track and click on the 3 dot menu, choose File Information. The Storage Location and the “Path to File” will both be displayed as part of the information.

Are you getting duplicated albums because it looks like you are sharing a top level directory Music which will, I think, look in subdirectories then you seem to be explicitly sharing a couple of those subdirectories?

Hi @Rich_Hass,

As mentioned above, it looks like you might have some duplication because of how your watched folders are set up. The items in your bottom 2 watched folders will appear twice because Roon is watching it twice. Was the album that you deleted from these folders? If you remove them do you still experience this issue?

I’ve deleted the 2nd and 3rd watched subfolders, which may have led to some duplicates. I am just watching the root “music” folder. From your comment, I’m assuming subfolders are watched, too.

In the Roon database, the album I removed still shows. I have another version of the album showing, too. (I re-ripped with different settings and added album art.) The newer version shows a list of tracks and they all play. The newer version shows as a folder on my NAS with the tracks and album art in the folder. This file isn’t replicated in any other folder or on any other drive.

As an experiment, I deleted a newer re-ripped version of the CD, which has been working perfectly. After deleting, Roon no longer includes it—as expected. Unfortunately, the first version—the one I’m trying to get rid of—is still there and not working.

Thanks for confirming that, @Rich_Hass.

Can you give the above a try and share the storage location and path to file with us?

Success… I restarted my Synology NAS, did another force rescan in Roon storage, another clean up library in Roon library and finally… the Roon data matches what’s on my NAS.

Prior to trying this, I tried to check one of the track’s file path, as suggested. I just got a “file could not be found” message when checking the view file info under the three dots for that track. For tracks on other albums, the path shows up, which can be helpful in sorting out duplicates.

Anyway, I’m all good. Many thanks for your efforts!

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