Roon stop playing when changing bit rate

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus plus
All network connection is using cables (not by Wifi)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Melco S100 network switch
Melco N1 music server

Connected Audio Devices

PC with Win10 as network bridge, firewire card inside, 1394 cable connecting to the frewire module of Prism sound ADA-8XR (as DAC)

Number of Tracks in Library

50000 tracks

Description of Issue

I know my DAC (ada-8xr) is not support DSD, so I have set the DSD playing by PCM mode, and it is OK to play DSD by converting to 176.4.

But, Roon stops playing sometimes when changing the bit rate (in shuffle playing mode), for example, from 44.1 to DSD.

Please advise how to keep it playing continuously? Thank you!

Hey @li_ham,

Thank you for getting in touch with your observation. Changing some DSP settings during playback will result in a brief pause in the music. Making adjustments to the sampling settings is one example that will cause this. What you’re seeing is normal behavior and nothing to be alarmed by.

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