Roon Stopped being able to find/read database

Roon Server Machine

WINDOWS 10 desktop Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk Router

Connected Audio Devices

I’m connected via Ethernet between Nucleus and Roon endpoint in stereo system.

Number of Tracks in Library

I have almost 1600 albums in my library

Description of Issue

I had to cut off the electricity in my living room circuit. It did not affect my Roon Nucleus as it was on a different circuit. But related or not, it hasn’t worked since. When I tried to start Roon there was a message about an issue reading my library and now all I get is a rotating core symbol which has continued for the last two hours.i did restart the Nucleus to no benefit.

By the way, I am also writing this message “blind” because it is behind the Create Topic symbol. I can only see a bit of my message as I am writing it. Somethings seems very wrong with the editor. Please tell me how to fix this too.

Here is a photo of what I mean.

Also a photo of the window I see when I try to access Roon.

Just to clarify, the nucleus did not loose power?

Try to reboot involved devices such as router, switches and the Nucelus

Your Apple iPad, I’m guessing, on screen keyboard is in the way being too large.
Either turn the iPad 90 degrees to attain portrait mode, or pinch with two fingers on the keyboard area to turn it into a small floating keyboard.

Hope that helps …

to clarify, the nucleus did not loose power?

I misspoke. We did some electrical work and I accidentally switched off the power to the circuit that the Nucleus is on. So yes, the Nucleus lost power.

Adding to this message:
I had to reboot my Nucleus three times before it came back to life. It finally asked me to log in and now all seems as usual.

It works to turn my iPad from landscape mode to portrait mode. Thanks! However, that said, something must have changed in the forum software because I always use my iPad in landscape mode and never had trouble posting to this forum in the past.

Roon is using discourse forum software and things are constantly evolving …

I’ll have to hope it evolves back to its former version!

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