Roon stopped importing my files

I had to shut down my system (my Mac mini that is my Roon core). When I restarted it up this afternoon I went to re-import my music and I could not get more than 330 tracks to load and when I checked them they were all Tidal albums.

I have over 20,000 tracks and I have had no problem for the past several months even when I had to reload to music. I have no idea what could have happened. I run a QNAP and I used a program that used the share network files but I have since deleted that program. When I try to set up a NAS file path Roon tells me that it is already in use. Help!

Hi Jerry,

It sounds like Roon already has a watched (or organised) folder setup to the folders, so it’s worth double checking Roon’s storage setup to see if you can spot it.

If there is one already setup, try removing it, restarting Roon and then add it back it.

I’m curious about the software program you used to share network files and wonder if that has any involvement here. What was this software, where did it run (on QNAP, on Mac)? Did the Roon issue only manifest after it was removed, is this the first time you have rebooted the Mac since removing it.