Roon stopped opening on my PC

I downloaded my music, to a newly installed roon program on my windows 7 64 bit machine. Shortcut on desktop worked for a day starting Roon and showing me my music after I had constructed a LIbrary to my files.

Now Roon will not open. Very frustrated gone through a whole bunch of nonsense of renetering credit card, changing password etc etc.

Looking at the support site there appears to be so very many difficulties with Roon that It appears I should stay put on JRiver media center which has given me many years of great service.

Either we figure out quickly why my shortcut doesn’t work to open the program or i AM OUT OF HERE

Thanks for reaching out, @stephen_lefrak, and apologies for the difficulties here!

When you try to open Roon are you receiving any errors? Does Roon open at all and just not load, or does nothing happen if you try to open Roon through the shortcut?

If you have any active firewall or antivirus could you try temporarily disabling them and see if there is any change?


@stephen_lefrak Are you using the Roon Server or Roon installation. Perhaps you installed both?

Do you see a small roon logo in the bottom right of the task bar?

Like this here---^ This would indicate Roon Server is running

If so then you need to connect to the roon server with the roon app.

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