Roon stopped playing any music

Good morning,

Roon stopped playing any music on any device.

I run a Nucleus + with several different outputs (mostly Naim).

Roon loads the track I want to play but does not start playing at all. The issue is similar with music from Tidal, my NAS or the internal Nucleus SSD.

I have no problem accessing the network and playing on any of these devices through Spotify, iTunes or the Tidal app directly. This therefore really seems to be a Roon issue or related to the Nucleus.

This is extremely frustrating and drom what I have read on the internet I am not the only one with this issue that does not seem to be resolved.

Dan someone help me out please?


Have you rebooted everything?

Hi @Bart_Laureys — Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the trouble here.

To start, can you provide some details about your network setup?

Are you playing to all of these devices at the same time or individually?

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