Roon stopped playing music

Running my Mac, 1.1.70, latest build, on a Mac el Capitan 10.11.1, Macbook Pro Retina.

Pushing the music out via a Dragonfly on USB.

Worked happily for a month.

Hooked up a second mac via wifi as a remote. Controlled Roon all day that way, nice feature.

NOW, though, Roon (master) will let me find a song, or an album, hit Play, it says it’s about to play, and then, nothing. It doesn’t populate the bottom window with song name or progress.

I can reproduce the same behavior on the remote.

I have quit and restarted the app

I have restarted the Mac.

Won’t play any music. Gets to the last step, bails

Thanks for your help

Seth Godin

Hey Seth,

Sorry for the trouble here. I’d like to get some more information about what’s happening here, so I’m going to PM some information over that details how to send us logs. It should be pretty quick, so take a look and send them over, and we’ll go from there.