Roon stopped playing to paired HomePods [Ticket In]

Same here. Would love to know an ETA on a fix.

FYI - lates update (iOS / … 15.4) fixed this issue for me; Roon is once again able to play to my HomePod stereo pair

setup: stereo pair of original HomePods acting as default speaker for my aTV 4k
Roon setup: HomePods grouped together (zone), with Procedural EQ + Mute Channels filter enabled

I am the originator of this thread, and Roon stopped working for me (as documented above) in September of 2021. I was unable to use Roon as I wanted for six months.

But Roon can now play to my paired (original) HomePods. I do not use the Procedural EQ workaround and everything is working properly, as it was, before the ticket. My HomePods are paired in the Mac/iOS ecosystem and also grouped into the same Roon zone.

Whether this is the update to build 918, or the iOS update to 15.4, I can’t say for certain, because I updated them at the same time, but I am happy to get a resolution!

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according to Owntone issue #1291 we have iOS 15.4 to “blame” for restored functionality

Funnily enough it was broken in an Apple update and fixed in one as well.

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