Roon stopped syncing with Tidal [Resolved]

After several months of using Roon without trouble, the application has been unable to sync with Tidal for the last 3 weeks, leaving essentially all Tidal playlists and albums inaccessible via Roon. When I attempt to re-sync in settings (it describes last sync as May 6), it will attempt to sync indefinitely without success, and I am repeatedly getting the pink “Error Loading Page, please check your network connection” screen in the application. I am using Roon 1.3 on a mid 2010 iMac running Sierra 10.12.4, and the core is running on a 2016 mini elsewhere on the network. I have logged into Tidal directly and checked that everything is working fine there from the same machine. Any help is appreciated @support.

Apologies if this is way too obvious, but have you tried, in Roon, logging out of Tidal and logging back in again?

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No apology necessary, but I had tried that unsuccessfully.

@Charles_Thornburgh On a similar note assume you have rebooted your core and or the machine it’s running on while you are at it troubleshooting this. And probably wouldn’t hurt to reboot the router/modem too

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Hi @Charles_Thornburgh ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

I would definitely recommend trying to power cycle your equipment first, as pointed out in @wizardofoz’s post. Always a good first step.

Moving forward, my assumption is that you are having no issues with the TIDAL application, but please confirm that information for me. Lastly, can you briefly describe your network configuration/topology as well as giving some insight into any networking hardware you may be using.


sorry to have gone quiet here–was on the road for a week, and when I came home this problem was resolved. Had tried power cycling previously to no effect, but now everything seems to be working fine. Not the most satisfying resolution, but resolution nonetheless:)

Thanks for the help, and have a great holiday weekend all.