Roon stopped working 2 weeks ago

I am running Roon on a NUC without any trouble up till 2 weeks ago, suddenly Tidal sopped working,
The song will start but remains at the second zero.
I can browse Tidal but only play from my library.
Tidal is working normally from the native app and on my LUMIN streamer
I tried logging out and in again from Tidal on Roon
I tried to restart the Roon server, nothing seems to work
Please advise

Did you try logging out of tidal, rebooting the core, then logging into tidal… if that doesn’t work you could try clearing the Tidal cache.

Directions on this post

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Try rebooting the network as well , wait until the internet is stable before rebooting the Core PC ???

Unfortunately tried all of the above and nothing works

If you’re using Windows to run Roon, set the Roon Core DNS to, then reboot it.

If you’re using ROCK instead, set router DNS to, then reboot the whole network of devices including NUC.