Roon stopped working after automatically installing build 21

Worked splendidly after Build 16. Now all I get now is the white screen with the Roon icon animation in the middle. I’m running it on a 2010 Mac Mini with the latest version of OS 10.10 installed. Other services on the mac work fine.

Suggestions, please! Thanks.

P.S., Up to this point I’ve been thrilled which is why I bought a lifetime license.

Hello @AvilleAudio, I’ll send you a PM so we can get some more information.

I don’t know if it was the right way to fix it, but I got it working again by going into the user library, deleting the “Roon” folder and reinitializing the setup. Don’t know if that was the “right” way, but it worked. Hope this is an exception to what has so far been a great ride.

I did the same with mine, blew away everything in Library directory and started from scratch. Have also plugged my Mac Mini into the router directly for the initial sync.

Looking good so far

Hey @AvilleAudio, unfortunately after wiping Roon folder we cannot detect the problem you were experiencing. FYI: reinstalling is the extreme measure of solving the problem, because it deletes all editing or grooming you’ve done in your collection.

Gotcha. Fortunately I hadn’t done much to date. Might be another matter in a couple of years.