Roon stopped working on 2 computers

Roon Core Machine

2 machines, one intel i5 with 16G, one AMD with 64G, both Windows 10,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ethernet ubiquiti router

Connected Audio Devices

atom computer running HQP NAA but it does it without selecting an audio device

Library Size

clean install

Description of Issue

rebooted everything several times. on both computers Roon runs for a bit sometimes a few seconds then says Roon has stopped working. I deleted Roon on each machine and reloaded the 32 bit version. I thought it might be my backup file so tried a clean start and it stopped partway through scanning my NAS drive. The computer I set up as a client also does the same thing after clean install runs for a bit then says Roon stopped working even when the server is still going

also sent an email

Sorry for the trouble here, @bruce_bosler1. Can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

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why do I not get an email when you reply?
I do get alerts when I log in from a different device and I get your promotional emails

It stops working when my NAS is hooked up, not right away but after it scans for a bit. I did a restore without the NAS and it ran overnight.

i switched from an Ubuntu server to Windows 10. I now see in some logs where it is trying to connect to Ubuntu

Hi @bruce_bosler1

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Taking a look at the logs you shared, I see it’s processing data from the NAS. I don’t see any specific errors though. How many tracks total do you have on the NAS?

What does resource usage look like during this time?

If you go to Settings > Library and set background analysis to off is there any change?

85,000 tracks on the NAS

if I force rescan of the NAS with Roon playing a song with HQP upsampling it shows about 20-25% for both CPU and memory usage

so after reloading backups multiple times on various computers it has been playing without any issues on Windows since yesterday. I don’t have a warm, fuzzy feeling since it just suddenly had a problem for no apparent reason and has now started working for no apparent reason.

if the NAS is intermittent shouldn’t Roon report that it can’t communicate with it instead of just stopping?

To eliminate the possibility it is an NAS issue, I would like to switch to an external USB drive attached to the computer or install an internal drive… if I make a copy of all the files on the NAS to one of these drives will my playlists still work or will the playlist still be looking for the files on the NAS that I disconnected? Which is the issue. I don’t mind starting over with a fresh install except I have built my playlists over several years and don’t want to start over with playlists

Hi @bruce_bosler1

When moving to a USB drive, follow the steps outlined in the article linked below, and all of your playlists will be migrated as well. I recommend making a backup when doing this process just to be safe.