Roon stopped working on Windows: "software update needed" but "you have the latest version installed"

I run a Roon core on a Synology DS918+ NAS.

If I go on “package center” I see that “Roon server” is running.
If I launch the Roon app from my Android phone, it works.

If I launch the Roon app from my Windows 10 PC, it doesn’t work anymore: I get a splash screen which says “software update needed”, then I can barely catch a glimpse of two items at the bottom, the Roon NAS and Roon on the PC, but for both it says “you have the latest version installed”. The splash screen lasts only a split second, after which the program closes down. I tried to take a screenshot but couldn’t.

I have already applied the IT approach Have you tried turning it off and on again - YouTube and rebooted both the NAS and the PC - nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks

As a long term Windows user - have you tried uninstalling the Windows Roon App, rebooting your PC and re-installing the App? This approach has solved multiple issues for me over the years.

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You should create a #support thread for this. Maybe a @moderators will move it for you

Something like this happened to others, including me, during the preview. In my case, Core runs on a NUC running Rock rather than on the Synology… but it’s the same issue and likely will work with the same fix.

The obstacle is that the Windows installation, which you want only as a client, will only update to 1.8 if you choose that to act as your Core Server. You can do this by stopping and de-authorizing your running Core and enabling your Windows machine. Don’t worry, nothing gets erased from your NAS Core installation, and you can instantly de-authorize the updated Windows machine and revert to your NAS.

AFAIK there was no “client only” update for the Windows machine, although there might be one now… but since you didn’t find it, this slightly more cumbersome approach could be helpful.

Best wishes for success - and don’t be put off by the scary “deauthorize” button like I was… You can do a “backup now” on your NAS just to be sure and feel more comfortable: I did that, and did a “restore from backup” on the Windows machine but it was not at all needed of course, I just felt safer to use my previous settings and so on even for just a few minutes before swapping back to the Rock.

I hope this is useful.

Regards alan

The other obvious thing is there was a Windows update recently, did that screw some drivers ?

Try reinstalling the graphics driver from the manufacturer site, ie not Windows. That has been known to fix stuff

Where did you see that? My Windows client only updated to 1.8 just fine.

Dear Daniel,

As I mentioned, it was in the preview (last beta days before release)… but, for me, the first clients updated (on iOS) but both the Windows and macOS updates did not trigger; the solution of logging in to them as core enabled the update. I thought that the OP had very similar experience, and maybe got wish to try the manual method.

If it’s confusing or inappropriate advice, please go ahead and remove. Thanks.

Regards alan

edit: my absolute phrasing, per your quote, is clearly not correct… I meant “may not trigger” as a suggestion… again, my apologies

In the end, I had to uninstall and reinstall it - after which it works again.

Standard Windows fix! :wink: