Roon stopping all the time

Hello Noris!
New thread as wanted! Hopes it worked!

ā€“ Per

Hello @Per_Svensson,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot. I would suggest that you do not add your entire User folder to the Watched Folder locations, can you edit the last listing in the screenshot This PC -> C: -> Users -> Per to match your music folder or the place where you have the media stored instead? E.g. This PC -> C: -. Users -> Per -> Music or This PC -> C: -. Users -> Per -> Documents?

I think this might be causing some issues because the Roon Database is stored by default in C:/Users/Per/AppData/ and you are telling Roon to scan the database files themselves which can cause some issues.

Please let me know if there is any change in the issue after making the directory modification.

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