Roon stopping midway through a track

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Everything is wired via Ethernet except iPhone iOS device and files are on same laptop as Roon core.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Roon 99% of the time works flawlessly but occasionally a track cuts off midway through a song.
Not a problem with Qobuz or Tidal just a problem when playing FLAC files from computer hard drive.

Dynaudio Xeo usb connection to laptop with roon core.

I wonder if it could be an issue to do with having my library on the same laptop as Roon core.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Can you provide some additional details about the Core machine? Is Roon stored on an SSD?

Does this occur for all endpoints or just the Dynaudio Xeo?

The laptop that has the Roon core downloaded on has a SSD drive.
The ios is my endpoint and has a separate zone to the computer.
Since i swapped to a a wired connection i have had no dropouts and everything plays flawless apart from every now and it’s always the last track on a library file not on Qobuz of Tidal it stops half way through and shows on my phone that the album has finished with just Room showing at the bottom.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

So, just to verify, this occurs whether you’re playing to the Dynaudio or the speakers of your iOS device?

The next time this occurs when playing to the speakers of the iOS device can you make a note of the time?

Hi,the system is wireless and a connect box which acts as a soundcard is connected to the laptop via usb which sends a signal to the speakers.This is not a speaker or signal issue it is the track stopping dead and finishing.I only control Roon through the Ios device because Dynaudio connect is not supported by Roon and my configuration of using a separate zone i think is the only way of getting a lossless signal.

Also should i be using the same zone as the laptop with Roon core or a separate one on Ios.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor

If you play to System Output of the laptop you’re using as the Core machine instead of the Dynaudio Zone, does that work for you or do you experience the same issue?

If i use system output it shows high quality signal and not lossless.
What i do is set the laptop to system output and use the Dynaudio zone on the iphone.
Should i be using both laptop and Iphone on Dynaudio zone where the Iphone acts as a remote for the main core or as i am doing now setting the laptop to system output and iphone as Dynaudio zone and the iphone being my endpoint.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

For the purposes of this test, that’s okay. We are trying to understand if the stopping is limited to the Dynaudio or if it occurs for all Zones.

The laptop is your Core machine and the iPhone is a remote device. It doesn’t matter which remote you use to set the Zone, the audio playing to the selected Zone will be coming from the Core machine in both cases.

It happens so irregular it will be hard to tell as it has probably only happened once or twice in the last month.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date in your country of the next stoppage and what track it was playing? E.g. 4:02PM on 9/20/19 and was playing Dark Side of the Moon.

Does this issue only occur when you reach the end of one specific album or has this occurred on multiple albums?

I will but don’t forget it does not happen with streaming only with flac library files from my hard drive.

I cannot remember if it was the same album where the track stopped but like i said in my original post Roon is flawless 99% of the time and it could even be one or two of my files are corrupted in my music library that is no fault of Roon.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Thanks for the update! When it happens next, if we have the information that Noris requested above, the team can enable diagnostics and take a closer look, so definitely let us know.

Hi,yes it happened today 24/9/2019 at around 19.13 again a library file but not the last track as before.
The album was Genesis And Then There Were Three and the track was Many To Many.
Can i ask if i tried switching zones on the phone to the same zone as on the laptop so i can see what was being played on both the laptop and my phone as opposed to using a different zone where i can see what is playing on the phone and not on the laptop would the sound quality be equal on both zones.

A better explanation is the main zone i have is named Hawklords and is used by the Iphone and the laptop is set to system output so you don’t see any playing activity on laptop.

Hi @Stewart_Taylor,

Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

Just to verify, were you playing different content at the same time on System Output and on the main zone? So you were playing to two Zones at once? Or was System Output not being used at this time?

To elaborate a bit on how this works:

Music is always sent from the Core machine to the chosen Zone. Even if you’re using your phone as a remote to play to a Zone, the actual content is being sent from the laptop Core, not the phone. The phone is only used as a remote to control the Core.

Hi,my “Hawklords” zone was created on the laptop but i switched to system output zone on the laptop.On my Iphone “Hawklords” zone was enabled so my laptop was set to system output zone and phone was set to Hawklords zone.