Roon stopping randomly

I could also stream 4K without any problems as long as it was streamed without sending the sound from Apple TV to Aries G2 over AirPlay. Same with streaming Tidal without using Roon. No problems what so ever. The only time drop out happened was over Airplay (sound) and Roon. My only issues were local with audio, that was the big frustration.

Hope you solve it!

Hello @crieke and @noris,
yesterday (Friday) 10:24 pm CET I had one more drop out; all the backup jobs on may QNAP are still disabled; the CPUs once again “went mad”, as you can see: different CPUs were 100% one after the other for several minutes

Any ideas what to do?
Thx in advance!

Hello @crieke and @noris,
two more crashes today: Sunday, 20th of January, 10:20 and 10:26 am CET when playing the same track (played the same track 1 h later - no crash)

I’ve sent you a PM yesterday.

Hello @crieke and @noris,
one more crash: Tuesday, 22nd of January, 09:48 pm CET … just after installing 1.6 …and one more crash at 10:04 pm CET … and one more crash at 10:38 pm CET … :slightly_frowning_face:

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following the tries with @crieke (once again thank you very much) to fix that I moved libraries and meta data databases back and forth and ended up with a system which was more crashing than anything else :astonished:
due to this I “reorganized and cleaned” my library (there is a function in Roon to eliminate problems, remove redundant elements - don’t recall the exact name of this function as I am not at home) and it fixed 99% of my crashes; therefore I assume that my meta data and my library became out of sync and in my case this was the reason for most of my crashes; now it is running rather well (only every 10 hours listening a crash)


ok, but nothing regarding the occasional dropouts?

Set the focus to Genre “Classical”, then right clicked all albums and started an export; after some time the export crashed; redefined the export and Roon started again; Roon crashed again, this time earlier, did the same procedure serveral times; now my core is in a configuration that it crashes just when selecting an album - right 30 sec after using it; PLEASE help

@support: when exporting my Roon server craches latest after some 100 tracks (often earlier), restarting the exports creates many duplicate exported albums (with “(2)” at the end of the album name) in the file system, starting to hear music in parallel to exporting causes a crash immediately, really boring and cumbersome to restart again and manually delete all the duplicates, … WHAT CAN I DO?

I have the latest roon server1.6 (build 416) running on a QNAP TVS 671 with latest QTS

Where can I upload the log files that I have exported to be analyzed?

Hi @fschmeis,

Can you please note the exact local time + date when this behavior next occurs and upload the log files to Dropbox / Google Drive and send them over to me?

Hi @noris ,

Yesterday, 15th of November, local time:

  • 22:16
  • 22:23
  • 22:29
  • 22:35
  • 22:41
  • 22:46
  • 22:51

Always the same procedure: Was playing music, suddenly the music stops and the Roon control app on the iPAD doesn’t show anything besides the Roon symbol, one core (out of four) on my QNAP goes up to 99% CPU, it takes appr. 3 minutes until the control app shows my library again, I restarted playing music, after some minutes same crash of Roon server again … :frowning:

This is the used version (multimedia functions are disabled):

Not much free space (4%). Your system may just run out of free space and crash.

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thx for the hint, but: don’t worry, still 365 GByte left:

Hi @noris,
just to clarify: Have installed 1.7, problem remains:

  • Had the situation, that Roon crashed right after starting a track, could reproduce that behavio; had to restart the NAS to get rid of this
  • After restarting the NAS I had several crashes after 5 to 20 min of music listening

What can I do? What info do you need to fix the issue?

Thx in advance


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Hi @fschmeis,

Thank you for confirming this behavior is the same on 1.7.

I have been discussing your case with the QA team and to be upfront with you, we’re not exactly sure why this seems to randomly occur.

It looks like your QNAP might be running out of RAM, it seems to hit a RAM threshold at one point and RAM appears not to be increasing past this, even though it is not at max capacity that the QNAP has installed.

I cant’ say for sure if other apps on the QNAP are using the rest of the RAM and possibly preventing Roon from using any further RAM.

One thing that QA did notice is that you have a significant library size and it might just be that the QNAP is not able to keep up with such a large database.

If you are so inclined, they have suggested to reduce the library size by at least half and verify if the same problems occur.

To do this, you would need to create a Roon Backup and then try setting the current database aside. Afterwards, try importing at most 50k tracks and verify how it performs.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you.

I have been working in “domestic computing” for long enough to know that when a drive system is a full as yours is I would be increasing capacity as a matter of urgency to avoid problems.

Suggestions from @support to reduce the size of your library to try to prove the source of the problem confirms my suspicions. Good luck in your investigations.

Hello @noris,
thanky for talking to the QA-team; I ordered RAM (to upgrade from 8 GByte to 16 Gbyte) and an addition WD red 4TByte disk and will report back whether the crashes disappeared, will also track the memory usage when the system crashes
Cheers, Frank


hello @noris,
RAM extension succeeded:
Will report what happens … additional WD red 4 TByte on the way …
Cheers, Frank

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Hello @noris,
after installing the additional 8 Gbyte (resp. substituting the 8 GByte by 16 GByte) Roon crashed just 3 min later, 11 pm local time in Germany, 2nd of December :frowning:

The already observed behavior after the crash: CPU goes up for appr. 3 minutes:

Usage of Memory:

I have deactivated nearly all other applications, there is no VM running or any other RAM consuming process:

Logfiles can be found here:

Should I run the multi media stream add on or should I stop it?