Roon Stops after 10-30 minutes of play

About a month ago the problem started. Music stops, remotes say they can’t find the core. Have to pull the plug on the Nucleus+ to restart it. Works for a short time. Here are some screen shots, While it’s working and after it stops. What should I do?

“Roon Database & Settings: Not ready” in the second screenshot seems to be the problem. Does that suddenly appear at the same time as the music stops? I could be wrong but sounds like yet another possible hard disk failure. It seems like we have seen several with Nucleuses recently.

Roon support will come in to give advice. I moved your topic to the #support:nucleus-support category of the forum

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Yes, after the music stops “Roon Database & Settings: Not ready" appears on the computer screen. In addition, remotes can no longer find the core.

Not only that, but it looks as though the networking details are also missing in your screenshot. These two symptoms are a clear sign of a failing SSD, which needs replacing.

Next questions:

  • Is the Nucleus still within the 2 year warranty?
  • Was it purchased from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

It was purchased in December of 2019 from Roon’s store on Amazon. Not sure what my next move is.

Since it is out of warranty, my advice would be to replace the SSD, install ROCK on it, then ask @support to throw the switch at Roon Labs to install the Nucleus version of Roon OS on it.

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My 3 year old Nucleus had a failing M.2 a few months ago. I ordered a replacement from Amazon and reinstalled Roon myself. After that, Danny upgraded me from ROCK to Nucleus. It’s easy if you just follow the instructions carefully.

I think most people upgrade the M.2, but I went with this…

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Does Roon support monitor this area, I would have thought I would be able to get some guidance from them…

Yes but it can take a few days. However, you are waiting for 12 days already, so: @support?

Their guidance would be the same as what you have had already. I suspect that we’re all waiting for you to make the next move.

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Hi @Paul_Wishnoff,

I would agree with both Jim and Geoff. That SSD seems to be failing on you. I can confirm that the Nucleus has been offline for 8 days now.

Recommended steps:

  1. Get to Jim’s recommended SSD and install it.
  2. You can then go to and start with step 3.

Once this is done, message me and I will get your unit flagged for an update.


We have the ability to send you a pre-configured drive that is plug and play. This will cost over 4x the other method but if money isn’t an issue, is by fare the easiest path.

Please let me know if you have any questions and message me if you end up installing ROCK or want to go the preconfigured route.


Hi Wes,
Just following up, any news?

So what have you done? have you followed @wes’s suggestions or not?

I provided @Wes via pm the requested information a little over a week ago so he could provide a quote for a pre-configured, plug and play drive. It seems as though he’s been offline.

OK thanks. I think Support are very busy at the moment, but I’m sure he will get back to you with the quote.

I realize that @support is busy but this is a bit frustrating. I’m assuming @Wes has been out but I’d like to get this followed up on.

The issue has been escalated to the RMA team for the SSD replacement, marking this thread as solved.

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