Roon stops in the core for no reason

I have Qnap 253Be-4G Ram on which Roon is installed. For about a month Rooon stops (status: stopped) and only restart Qnap “wakes up” Roon. It happens around 3-4 times a week and is quite annoying. In fact, Roon did not stop. .Roon I use 4 months. Please, make a suggestion …


Hi @Krzysztof_Marciniak.

Welcome to the Community! So that we can better assist you here, can you please provide some additional info?

  • What is your network setup like? Can you let us know the model/manufacturer of your router, any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect? Hows is your QNAP connected in this setup?

  • What exactly do you mean by “Roon stops”? Does this stoppage happen in the QNAP control panel? Are you unable to connect to the Core via Roon Remotes?

  • Do you have enough free space left on the QNAP?

Router to Fritz 4040. Qnap is connected directly to the Fritz 4040. The Streamer is connected to the Fritz 1260 powerline over the LAN. At home I have 3 pieces of powerline Fritz. “Stops” means that Ipad can not find Core. Then I see that in QNAP QTS: Roon status: stooped. After restarting Qnap I have the status Roon: running. After reboot my tablets and phones can see Roon. I have 150GB of free space on Qnap. I have such a state from the beginning and problems (status stopped) started about 1 month ago; I think after some Qnap upgrade …

Hi @Krzysztof_Marciniak,

So just to confirm:

  • 3-4 times a week remotes are unable to connect to the Core
  • When you check the QNAP during this time, you see that Roon is not running
  • Rebooting the QNAP resolves the issue temporarily

Does that sound correct?

Can you describe what is occurring prior to Roon stopping? Does this occur while Roon is in use and playing music or does this occur after it’s idle for some time and you try returning to Roon?

Hi, Dylan

Points 1-3; exactly. Before stopping Roon, I see nothing abnormal in Roon’s work. Roon stops if there is a break in its use. Never Roon stopped during work. For example, this morning …

Hi Krzysztof,
I noticed in your screenshot that your music folder (“Muzyka”) is set as a database directory. Is this folder also added as a music location in Roon? If this is the case, it might cause issues, as Roon is scanning its own database for music files and changes in the filesystem. I’d recommend to create a new shared folder for the database. You can do this in the QNAP Control Panel > Shared Folders -> Create -> Shared Folder.

Afterwards select this new folder as a database location in the Roon Server administration.

Well, I created a shared folder, but I do not know how to set this folder as the location of the Roon server database. At the beginning, after installing Roon, Roon read all the music files that were on the disk and I did not have to set anything else. In addition, the “music” folder is empty and the music files are on the multimedia-> sample folder. Additionally, I programmed Qnap to turn off at night.

Do you notice any event on your QNAP which might trigger this issue?

Is it set to shutdown or to go to sleep?

You can set the database location, by opening Roon Server app in the QNAP administration. You already posted a screenshot of this window. There is a blue “Change database location” button. But if you do so, you will start with a new Roon database, unless you restore it from a backup of your current database.

Qnap has never had problems (at least known to me).
I set Qnap to turn it off.
I will deal with database sealing (possibly) for a minimum of one week - because if I change two options, I will not know what helped. Thanks for help, I will use Roon in a few days.

Hi Krzystof,
ok. Makes sense to deal about the database location later. Just mentioned it, to clarify, how it can be done and because I was unsure in the beginning if you mixed the database location and the location for the music files together.

I currently have prepared an update to the QNAP app, which is already pushed to QNAP to appear in their App Store. It includes better handling of downloading the Roon Server Logfiles.
If it is ok, I’d like to send you the link to this updated qpkg file, so you can install it on your QNAP. It has some better implementation regarding its log files, which could really help here.

If the issue occurs again, it would be great if you could go the Roon Server app window and click the Ambulance Icon (Get Log files) before you restart Roon Server or your QNAP device. It will download a .zip file with some logfiles.

I’ll send the link to the updated qnap app in a private message.

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