Roon stops play and NUC keeps churning

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC i5 with ROCK latest version

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired to GB switch then wired to NAS with library

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

wired ethernet to switch, then mesh wifi throughout the house

Description Of Issue

This is not a wifi or network issue. Around 9am this morning, Roon stopped playing mid track and I lost connection to the Core, according to my iPad. On my PC, I could ping the NUC but Roon remote could not connect to it, nor could I bring up the NUC page by entering the IP. Checked the NUC and the orange action light is constantly flickering, for 30 minutes now. I have no visibility into what it is doing, so I don’t want to force a reboot (in case that bricks the NUC or something).

  1. any idea what might be happening?
  2. how do I stop it from happening at inconvenient times (and instead push it to 2AM or something)?

After 75 minutes I get the message ‘the new version of roon you installed requires a database update’

So that goes back to my previous question: how do I stop this from happening at the wrong time?

This rather sounds like a hardware issue (or power outage). I’d reinstall and restore your last good DB backup and give the server another chance.

Roon does not go down easily or unplanned in any normal circumstance.

It just looks like a forced update. Everything automatically went back to normal after 80-90 mins. I just would prefer to have control over WHEN this happens. Something along the lines of a warning message and a scheduler function (’ a new version is available for download/install… would you like to do this now or later?’
There was no power outage or hardware issue. It was playing while I was working and then it stopped for 80-90 mins while it decided to do its thing…

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AFAIK, Roon doesn’t do forced updates that would cause what you experienced. Any update that requires a reboot/relaunch of the Roon software components should be flagged to you, requiring you to initiate the reboot/relaunch. It shouldn’t do this by itself (although it can prepare the installation). You do have control over how the installation process is configured:

Thanks Geoff, I will look for those settings.
To be clear though: I saw no sign of a forced reboot or shutdown. Just a forced update followed by a DB rescan, during all of which the ROCK was unaccessible and the activity led on the NUC flickered incessantly.

You’ll find these options on the Settings/About page…

In settings/about, I see (under Core) Roon Optimized Core Kit with the version etc, but no cog wheels.
I also see Roon Bridge Ropieee (second room) with no cog wheels

What are you using as your Roon Remote to view these pages? A smartphone? These options are only visible on PC/Macs/Tablets… (Sorry, should have made that clear).

:), will check again on my ipad, thanks

Nothing on the ipad, so I installed Roon.exe on my PC. There I was able to access the cog wheel icon and adjust the update settings, thanks!

Ah - thanks for that - I thought that the iPad and Android tablets would have displayed the options. Windows tablets certainly do, but that’s only to be expected…

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