Roon stops playing after changing songs a few times

new issue, dedicated windows 8.1 machine running only roon and dbpoweramp, and apparently issue began sometime last week.

after changing song selections a few times and listening to the start of a few songs, roon stops playing. it shows the song in the bottom bar but will not begin playing.

If I close and re-open roon I can play a few more songs before it happens again. this is a big issue!

Just been trying to to listen again, appears to be inconsistent. One time I can only play one tune, and just this last time I played 5 /6 and let it go to radio for a couple, and then it stopped again.

The selected song shows at the bottom, and I can move the time marker, room is not locked, I can access menus, etc. But the play/pause button appears to do nothing. The music does not play and the time bar does not move on it’s own.

Please help!