Roon stops playing all the time

Since a few days Roon stops playing all the time, strange things happen.
Network is OK, I can play Qobuz or radio without problems.
Local music is stored on a Nucleus + (we use a Win 10 PC, an Ipad and an android tablet), all have the latest version of the software.
These things happen:

  • Music stops playing (no difference between Nucleus or Qobus), and restarts automatically after a while.
  • Music stops playing (no difference between Nucleus or Qobus), but does not restart.
  • Music stops, and the playlist is complety emptied (so nothing to play, see picture), sometimes it comes back after a few minutes (with the playlist) and sometimes it doesn’t.

what can be wrong ???
Could their be a problem with the Roon Core on the Nucleus+ ?


You don’t tell us your network config ?

This sounds like a WiFi dropout problem, is the Nucleus to Router an Ethernet cable?

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Mike, I have seen the message “waiting for Roon Server”
Since playing other music source (radio - qobuz) goes without trouble i do not think it’s wifi problem.
Some speakers are wifi, others are ethernet cable, problems are the same for both.
Nucleus to router is an ethernet cable.

Sadly the wi fi could be the issue.

Roon’s RAAT protocol is designed with very small buffers so as to allow better zone grouping , other protocols build in a healthy buffer such that blips in WiFi are absorbed and dont result in dropouts

Also any decoding happens at the server so a lot of data is passed. Other protocols often pass the smaller undecoded file to the renderer to be decoded there. It’s a double whammy

That’s why things like Qobuz and Netflix native apps play nicely with WiFi

If you can just try an Ethernet cable as part of a process of elimination.

There are countless threads on the forum discussing dropouts, most finish up as WiFi shortfalls

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WiFi is very likely the issue. I was running into the same problems as you are suffering from. Getting dropouts all the time, even though when using Qobuz or Tidal’s respective apps, no problems whatsoever.

After connecting my Mac Mini running the Roon Server to Ethernet, I didn’t get a single dropout since.

Very worth it connecting your Roon Server to an Ethernet cable.

Mike, I will check my wifi network. (the earlier checks today come back as ok)
But the nucleus is connected to the router with a Cat 7 ethernet cable since the beginning years ago (and with the win 10 PC also).
The master speakers are on an audio usb directly connected with the Nucleus.
And the same problems occur (seems the Roon Server has black outs, sometimes recovering, sometimes not)
Only the speakers in the other rooms are on wifi.

The Nucleus is on a ethernet cable since years, the master system (speakers) is connected with the Nucleus on audio usb, so no wifi involved
it all worked fine for years

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Posted this a month ago, only response was that the Wifi was the problem, BUT : the nucleus+ is connected to the router with a Cat 7 ethernet cable since the beginning years ago (and so is a win 10 PC , we also use an Ipad and an android tablet, problem is the same).
The audio system is connected with an audio usb directly connected with the Nucleus+.
So out of the blue play list disappears and the Roon Server stop playing (sometimes recovering with the list, sometimes not, sometimes stopping before a song)
Could this be a hardware problem with th Nucleus+ ???

An example from tonight, playing an album from the SSD inside the Nucleus+, connected with audio usb to the audio system.
Music stops paying (not even halfway) and we get the info that their is nothing to play (and we should select something to play), the album is no longer in the queue.
This happend 2x this evening, the first time the music came back after a few minutes and started at the beginning of the album.
The second time the music did not come back.
So may I suppose that this is NOT a network problem ??

Hi @Jan_Goormans,

Thanks for following up on your report!

If possible, could you reproduce the issue, and share the name of the track playing when the issue occurs? From there, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

Thank you! :pray:

hi Benjamin,

  1. first the logs from the PC have been send (from Roon and Roonserver)
  2. the log from the Roonserver (from the Nucleus) has been send separately

the problem happens with music from the SSD but also when playing from Qobuz.
thanks already

the track playing from the SSD:

Have you tried replacing the Cat 7 cable? It is quite a unique design, now superseded which was intended for use in controlled data centre environments, not uncontrolled domestic environments.

There have been persistent reports of issues with Cat 7 cables over the years. It is not an IEEE standard. It uses a proprietary GG45 connector rather than RJ45 which although technically backwards compatible may be causing issues. If you have a spare Cat 5/6/6a you might have better luck. There have also been persistent reports that unshielded cables work more reliably than shielded.

Hi @Jan_Goormans,

Thanks so much for sending those over!

I’d be curious to see what a CAT 5 cable would produce for you, and if the issue would persist. Your Roon Server logs do point to reoccurring network-based dropouts across all different Roon Remotes within your local network.

Do you have any other additional network gear at play between your Nucleus and router? What specific router model are you currently using?

Lastly, if you review your router settings and device list, do you see your Nucleus with a properly assigned IP address?