Roon stops playing and is logging - Warn: [coreaudio_helper] buffer underrun!

Hi Folks,
I am using a three day old MacMini and the last two days playing has been fine until today
Roon stops midway through a song, while in this state Warn: [coreaudio_helper] buffer underrun! is being written to the logs. Apple’s MIDI app is non responsive and I have to restart the Mac. Roon starts up fine and plays a tune or two before crashing again. The last time it did this I saved off the Apple crash report.

I am running a Wyred4sound DAC USB connected, which requires their MIDI driver.

No idea if it is related but today I did enable Apple’s remote management screen and was using my Macbook to basically VNC to the MacMini’s desktop (not to use Roon, but it was up). After the first crash I disabled it and did a clean restart, that didn’t fix the issue. I did not wipe Roon db/settings.

For the last few weeks my Macbook pro (2007) has been my core and have had no issues.

I pulled logs please let me know how you want to proceed.


Hi @Don,

I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll take a look at your logs so we know what’s happening here.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!