Roon stops playing and loses connection to my core audio device when network connection is disrupted

Core Machine

M1 Mac Mini Running Mac OSX 11.4 Big Sur.

Network Details

It’s complicated. lol

Audio Devices

Singexer SU2 D2D converter connected directly to my Mac mini by USB cable.

Library Size

6,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When the network connection to the internet is interrupted, Roon stops playing and also loses its connection to the core audio device - i.e. my DAC. This happens even if I am playing a locally stored FLAC file from my Mac mini.

When the network connection is disrupted, it causes Roon to go into a spinning beachball mode and the core audio device connection is lost - my DAC disappears as one of the Audio Devices available for playback.

This must be something with your local network configuration. I can restart my router and Roon keeps playing for local network content.

I suggest describing your network configuration, then maybe someone can help you :slight_smile:

Hi @Brent_LeVasseur

Just to make sure I’m getting this right — You are using only the Mac Mini, with music stored on the Mac, and a device connected to the Mac Mini itself, and when you lost connection to the internet playback is stopping?

Are you losing connection to the network completely, or just internet from your ISP is being lost?

I’m using my M1 Mac Mini with a thunderbolt 3 M2 SSD drive as roon core and a Sonore Signature Rendu Optical Level 2 streamer as roon end point. The problem seems to only happen when using RAAT. When I switch to Squeezelite it doesn’t lose connection. As for the upsampling choking, that happens intermittently. I am upsampling everything to 768k. With sqeezelite enabled, upsampling is limited to 192k and in that case it doesn’t stutter. Watching the upsampling cpu multiplier it says its running at 21 times and my CPU load is very low. It’s barely taxing my CPU so it may be caused by something else. This may be tied to networking issues.

When the connection to the Rendu is lost I still have internet access so its not due to a loss in internet connection.

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