ROON Stops playing. Have to restart! Will resume after several minutes (varies)

Running Mac OS X 10.12.5 with GB memory. DAC is iFi Micro Black with iFi cables and power filters.

Other playback software such as iTunes and Pure Music 3.x do not have this problem.

Seems like some sort of buffering problem. What settings within ROON should I check? Lastly, should I change to output setting in OS “System Preferences” to ROON everytime? Within ROON each of my zones show up clearly.

Thank you for your attention!

Hi @David_Price ---- Thank you for the feedback and sharing your observations with us. The insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior you are reporting, may I kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  1. Screen shots of:
  • The device settings you are using in Roon when playback stops.

  • The signal path coming out of Roon when playback stops.

  1. When you mention that you have to restart, are you referring to having to hit “play” again or do you have to actually relaunch the application?

  2. When you are noticing this issue, do you find that it is occurring with the same media each time? File format? Bit/ Sample rate? How about streaming TDAL content?

  3. Where is your musical collection being stored and how is it being accessed?

  4. My assumption is that the iFi DAC is being mounted to the MAC device hosting your core via USB, but please confirm.

  5. Can you please provide the make, model, and specs of the device hosting your Roon core (Running Mac OS X 10.12.5 with GB memory").


My interest is on this question. I have had numerous problems with an SMB-mounted NAS because of apple’s usage of SMB security by default. There is an easy fix, but knowledge is half the battle.

Hi MIke,

Are you having issues and wanting support or are you good and your intention is to share your experiences / knowledge?

I’ve used AFS since I started with Roon without issue.

I was suggesting the original poster might be having the same problems I had last year (and this year again when I got a new machine). I posted previously about the fix required. Sorry that wasn’t clear. I don’t think this should have been split from the original post.

Do you mean AFP? Roon specifically doesn’t allow that for network drives, it only allows the SMB protocol. I’d be really surprised if you’re using AFP because the UI prevents you from providing path URLs other than smb://.

[quote=“Mike_Pinkerton, post:7, topic:26587”]
I posted previously about the fix required
[/quote]Can you post a link to that post.

Agreed, I have merged it back.

Sorry AFS. I used mount the share under os-x and browse to it. I now use NFS on Linux.