Roon stops playing mid song without any error message

What could cause Roon to simply ‘give up’ playing a song but not display an error message as to why?

I have been having a lot of issues with Roon that seemed to suggest a networking issue. Some expamples were “Qobuz is loading slowly”, “Song failed to load”. I’ve since done all the usual stuff including replacing switches, rebooting router, Roon core PC etc. Now I don’t seem to have a problem starting a song, but getting it to play through a song is a different matter.

Instead of seeing some messages like “Roon lost control of the transport device” the song stops playing (mid song), the queue changes to “Nothing playing” and no error message is displayed.

I’ve never encountered this before and seemed to start happening when I added a new Roon Endpoint (I switched from a dCS Vivaldi to an MSB Reference) but this could just be coincidence.

Any ideas?

How are you connecting to the MSB. Locally or over the network? Isn’t that MSB roon ready with a network renderer module?

Over the network (ethernet) and yes the MSB is Roon ready via its network renderer module.

Is the core machine on WiFi or Ethernet.

Ethernet of course.

What spec is the server and do you have any dsp going on?

I used to run into this down in the end I surmise to a measly cpu

I have an InnuOS Zen Mk3.

I’ve had it for a year and never had issues until the latest Roon build.

The innuos may work but isn’t really supported

Hey @madfloyd,

Thanks for getting in touch and for sharing the issue you’ve ran into, as well as details about your setup. It’s a good starting point.

While performance issues with a Innuos Core can be expected, we’d love to help as much as we can, so you can enjoy Roon as you already have for this long.

Would you mind sharing an update on how things stand now? Is playback still stopping? Sorry it took us this long to get back to you… :pleading_face: