Roon stops playing music when connected to ROSE RS250 Streamer

Roon Core Machine

Core Machine- MacMini i7 Quad core 16 gigs ram -running OSX Big Sur
connected via USB cable to ROSE RS-250 Streamer
both using ethernet cable wifi

I am using a MacMini as a Roon Core. It connects to the Rose RS-250 Streamer via USB cable. When I pick any track on the Roon App to play thru the ROSE Streamer, the music always stops, 30 seconds-1minute in the song. NO ERROR signs pop-up.

I can’t help (not using any apple stuff, but also owning a RS250) , but why are you using the USB in and not RAAT over the LAN with the RS250?
All the Rose streamers are nearly perfect as Roon endpoint (great display info), but have a lot of bugs in using only as DAC (like you) or streamer for other sources.

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