Roon stops playing overnight due to search memory usage [Fixed in Roon Build 898]

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus +

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero router
English electric switch

Connected Audio Devices

NAS to nucleus USB
nucleus to chord dac via USB
NAS and Nucleus connected to switch via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I leave Roon playing on shuffle when I go to bed
When I wake up it has stopped mid track…usually 10>14 tracks after I started the shuffle.
That happens consistently each evening.
Less so at times in evening roon will start having isolated drop outs and then eventually will stop playing. The controllers then display “searching for Core” after a minute or 2 they will return and the track that stop is displayed where it stopped playing. If I click play music starts again
Obvious home network issue yes?

Could be issues on the streaming source if it’s total/Qobuz too but if all local library you shouldn’t have issues unless the source of files bogs down

Thx but no streaming
All local files from NAS

Still happening

Sounds like network.

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please make a diagram and show it here…I cant understand why the NUC is connected to the NAS via USB - what ever that is for then its unlikely to be helping.

Eero is normally a mesh and so again a diagram of how devices are networked here will help…mesh is Wifi and wifi is just not 100% reliable.

Good point on the usb from nas to nucleus
Had it hooked that way From when I got the stuff couple years ago. You are correct …no point to it.
Removed it…will see how things go

Do you have a backup running nightly?
That stops Roon playing music


Did it again…on shuffle…played stopped after 6 songs

Ah …you could be right…I do have backups running a couple of times a week

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Been here myself Thomas.
Used to do backup’s at 2 AM but was often awake at that time and it got really annoying.

Thought that might be it but I checked backups and it tells me last backup was 12/25.
It’s 12/27 now so it would seem it’s not the backups

Ah well it was my best guess sorry :man_shrugging:

No problem
A good guess
Hopefully someone from Roon will stumble across this thread


Are you sure? My Roon works the other way around; if music is playing I get an error message saying the backup couldn’t happen due to music playing. It doesn’t interrupt or stop the music.

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Yes… I’m sure you are correct.
Maybe I was confused by failed backup’s.

This problem now happens randomly in day when listening
Music stops
Controllers go blank controllers come back after a minute or 2. Song displayed and progress bar is where it stopped. Pressing play resumes the music
Any ideas what it might be in my network?

Have a look at the web page on your Roon IP address to make sure that your nucleus is not rebooting itself. There are two uptime timer’s there, one for the Linux OS and one for Roon

Other than that I think that a member of @support will need to get your log files and see 2hat is causing the problems you are seeing.

Thanks Michael I’ll do that

So after checking the Roon web it tells me that
The operating system is been running for 9 days…
It then tells me the “roon server software” has been running for 1 hour and 23 minutes.

This would seem to coordinate with the timing of the issue.

If Nucleus hadn’t rebooted should these two times be the same?