Roon Stops Playing Song

When I select a song to be played it will play anywhere from a few to several seconds and then it stops. I have to repeatedly press start until eventually it will play the whole song. I have tried rebooting my streamer/DAC (dCS Vivaldi One). I also use ROON Nucleus.
Thank you, Michael

flagging @support for you here, but you might like to provide more details for the guys to know your setup a little better.

Hello @Michael_Messer,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. Can you please provide more information as per @wizardofoz’s post?

  • How is your Nucleus connected to the Network here?
  • What is the model/manufacturer for all of your Networking gear (Modem/Router/Powerline Adapters/Range Extenders/ect)?
  • Have you tried rebooting the Nucleus and the Vivaldi and the behavior is still the same?
  • Do other zones play back as expected and this issue affects just the Vivaldi zone?
  • Does local media play back fine and this issue just impacts TIDAL content?

Please let me know when possible.


Hello Noris = Thanks for your response! I had rebooted the Vivaldi but
neglected to do the same with the Nucleus. Soooooo, after rebooting both
the Nucleus and Vivaldi, now Roon,

Tidal, and my system seem to be happy with each other again…On another
note, I have been trying to access music stored in iTunes on my Mac Mini
where I had the Roon Core

before getting the Nucleus. When I go to Settings > Storage in Roon it
doesn’t see my Mac Mini. I’ve tried what was suggested in the Help
section but have been unsuccessful.

Thanks and Best, Michael

Hello @Michael_Messer,

Happy to hear that after a reboot everything seems to be working as expected! To set up your Mac Mini as a watched storage location you would have to use these instructions to get it up and running. Hope that helps!


Thanks, Noris, I’ll give it a try!

Best, Michael