Roon stops playing songs on macOS Catalina

Using a 2019 MacBook Pro 8 core i9 and have just updated operating system to macOS Catalina 10.15.1. Now Roon stops playing Tidal songs after about 30 seconds. I’ve been using Catalina for the past 5 weeks without problems but after the update this morning Roon now stops Tidal songs after a while (usually about 30 seconds).

Fibre 20MBPS D-link Router using ethernet to a Nad M32 amplifier with BluOS module. MacBook Pro with Roon Core connected to router via wifi.

Anyone else suddenly having this problem? Anything I can do other than restore to a previous version of macOS Catalina from a time machine backup?

Probably not. Several threads are reporting problems with Catalina, Roon is aware and working on a fix. You’re lucky to have a backup!

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20MBPS fibre…thats pretty slow for fibre…just sayin’

20 Mbps has never been a problem and also stream Netflix 4K with no problems whatsoever. So streaming music at even ¼ of this speed would work fine

If local playback is unaffected problem is likely network related…are you using wifi in both directions streaming and endpoint?

No just streaming. But Tidal works perfectly streaming the same songs and Apple Music also works fine. So streaming of music from other Apps other than Roon works fine as does streaming 4K movies all of which I’ve tried in the past 3 hours. It is only Roon playing Tidal songs that simply stops.

I’ve just changed my DNS to the Google and secondary and this seems to have resolved the problem - still might be too early to tell but just played 3 Tidal songs through Roon that were previously stopping and they played fine. I’m confused as to why DNS would’ve only have been a problem for Roon but not Tidal itself or Apple or Netflix? Oh well it works now so go figure…

Spoke too soon. The problem remains so changing the DNS has not worked.

10.15.1? Is that a beta or is .1 out already? What about a dns of ? Your router IP address should also be listed in your dns settings

Have you restarted the core or is that on the same Mac? Have you restarted your network equipment?

It’s beta but the final beat before official release. Yes core is the same MacBook. Have rebooted the router

Not to worry - I’ll wait for the official release of Catalina in the next week or two and if Roon still doesn’t work after that I’ll just cancel my subscription - there are a fair number of alternatives. Thanks for you assistance.

Roon puts heavy demand on its network resources to receive and integrate graphics and (more importantly) metadata. The additional information and links provided with the metadata Roon integrates into music streams is one of the things that make Roon unique as a user experience. It is also the reason for the somewhat unique demands it puts on the network, and is often the reason Roon may have issues when Tidal or a 4K TV broadcast doesn’t.
Sorry this won’t help your current situation, but it can be helpful to understand the distinctions when thinking about performance issues.

Hi @Alun_Marchant — Thanks for reaching out!

While I understand this just started happening around the update, there are a couple of tests that would be very useful in helping us understand the scope of the issue you’re experiencing.

As noted in our Networking Guide, we generally recommend that your Core be connected via Ethernet. I understand this worked previously, but as a test, knowing if there’s any change with an Ethernet connection playing to System Output of the Core machine. Does the same behavior occur in that configuration?

Unfortunately I’m unable to test with an ethernet cable as I will need to get a USB-C to ethernet adapter for this MacBook Pro. I’ve run Roon through a 5 Ghz wifi connection since I first subscribed which is about a year now I think and had no problems previously.

Ive now discovered it is actually doing the same thing on Tidal. So the problem is with Tidal not Roon. It didn’t do this when I first checked but have just been playing music on Tidal and it stopped again. Apologies this is a Tidal problem not Roon

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