Roon stops playing than jumps to next title

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10, Core is on a i5-4670T CPU with 8 GB RAM PC , Roon Version 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

The core machine is connected over WLAN to a FRITZ!Repeater 3000, the Fritz!Repeater 3000 is connected to a FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable router, Raspberry is connected over ethernet to the router.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Roon Bridge [ropiee] Version 1.0 (build 169) stable on a Raspberry with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro, connected to a Benchmark DAC1 over Toslink.

Description Of Issue

For about half a year I run Roon so far without problems. For several days now Roon is constantly losing contact to the core and trying to reconnect to it. Sometimes it is able to reconnect to the core, sometimes not.
Today however, I was totally unable to use it. Roon stopped playing almost every title I selected. It played the title for 30 seconds and then jumped to the next title, played the next title for 30 seconds, then stopped playing and then jumped to the next title. This concerns playing local files and streaming.

It used to work without any problems and I didn’t change something in the settings.

Any Ideas where to start?

Have you rebooted the roon server?

About 100 times. I then rebooted the router also. No improvement. I constantly get the error message:

Audio file loads slowly. This may indicate performance or hardware issues.

Does the Core always need a connection to the Internet, even if I only play my FLACS from the SSD?

Hi @Max_Berlix,

Is there any change if you play to System Output instead of the Bridge?

Have there been any changes to your networking setup?

Hello, no changes have been made to the computer or home network.

With system output you mean the output of the computer on which the core is located? This output worked flawlessly.

Today everything runs without problems. All the problems have disappeared without any change in the configuration.

The internet speed was average yesterday but I had very long ping times:30ms. Today I have 12ms. I use this site.

That’s why I asked if you need Internet for playing local files. My impression is, that it has something to do with the long ping time. Is there a way to ping the roon server to test this?

As I said, today no problems. Everything works fine.

Roon does lots of DNS lookups so a network slowdown may well affect it. One recommended change, if your setup allows it, is to change your router DNS entries To either cloudflare or Google. or

Can you explain more exactly how that works and what it does? I never heard of that.

When roon is building up the information in your library it needs to address a lot of different providers including it’s own distributed infrastructure. To look up this information it knows the names of the services but needs to know the network address of the services. DNS servers are the service that does the translation “artists server =” as roon uses the DNS like it’s going out of business a fast DNS server can do wonders.
If you search the forum you can see a lot of users have solved various slow roon symptoms by changing their DNS entries.
If you go to Cloudflare have a lot of information.
The first place to start is your router’s set up page and if possible change the default DNS server.
If you can’t do that, as some routers won’t let you, change your roon server’s default DNS entry.

Hi @Max_Berlix,

If this issue affects both streaming and local content, you may have a networking issue with your Fritzbox router or repeater.

I would start by simplifying things a bit,I would try to connect both your Core and your Ropieee to your router when this issue next occurs and verify how it behaves there.

Also I would verify how “System Output” when this behavior is actively occurring and make sure that you are using the newest firmware versions for your Fritzbox networking gear.

…. I have the newest firmware for my Fritzbox.

Can this thread be held open until I tried the suggestions of hickmann1?
I will not be able to try this out before Saturday or Sunday.

Hi @Max_Berlix,

No worries at all, we don’t usually close threads until a solution is provided so do feel free to take your time testing out the above suggestions!

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