Roon stops playing Tidal OR local files after a few seconds

@support I haven’t been able to use Roon since November as I was waiting for a new DAC to be shipped to me that was backordered. Prior to that, I had several months of problem-free playback. Lifetime membership to Roon, latest version.

Today I got the new DAC. Playing local files with Foobar works fine. Playing files with the Tidal desktop app works fine.

With Roon, both local and Tidal files stop playing after a couple seconds. This is consistent every single time I try to play any track. Max file bitrate is 24/192 but the vast majority is redbook quality.

With Tidal, I get the “This track is no longer available from Tidal” error message.

With local files, I get the “An audio file is loading slowly” error message.

Setup is:

Roon Core on a high-end Windows 10 64bit desktop PC that I custom built. 32GB of RAM, i7-4790k, etc that is hardwired via ethernet directly to my modem.

PC > USB > Metrum Onyx DAC is the full chain

Internet is AT&T gigabit fiber, so I have plenty of bandwidth to spare, but even local files are impacted by this.

PC has no issues that I’m aware of. I tried turning off Bitdefender to see if that helps but no luck. Roon is fully useless to me right now.

You downloaded and installed the USB drivers for Metrum, I imagine. Do you happen to have Realtek drivers on that system? Realtek drivers caused the same symptoms for me in several Windows 10 systems. I eventually removed them completely.

Yup, I’m using the latest drivers from Metrum. I previously had a Metrum Pavane DAC that used the same drivers with no issues.

I do still have the Realtek drivers on my PC although they never caused issues in the past. Any idea if installing them caused any instability issues for you? I might try that. Out of curiosity, was your setup the same with a USB DAC?

Quick update: tried uninstalling the Realtek HD driver (the only Realtek driver available to be uninstalled) and the problem persists. Drat.

Welp, I think I fixed it.

On a whim I went into Roon and set “Use Event-Driven Mode” for my DAC to “No” and it’s now working like a charm.

What is strange is that in Foobar2000, my output is setup as WASAPI event-driven mode and it works without issue, but I’m just glad I can get back to enjoying Roon.

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Glad you got it sorted!

Thank you for your suggestions, mate! It inspired me to get back to monkeying with the settings after getting frustrated earlier.

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