Roon Stops Playing When Macbook Pro is Shut Down

I use a MacBook Pro as my ROON Remote.

I use an Innuous Zen MK3 as my ROON Core.

The Innuous is hard wired to my router via ethernet and my Innuous is connected via USB to my Lyngdorf MP-50.

Problem: Whenever I turn off my Mac Roon stops playing. See the screen print for the error message I receive. That error message is from my iPhone where I also have ROON loaded.

There was an exhaustive conversation about this on Facebook Roon Users group. Quite a few individuals were involved and ALL are stumped. Please see that conversation as there are many more screen prints and experts weighing in.

Roon is virtually worthless to me if I can’t get it to work unless my Mac is turned on. Otherwise I love all the features.

Some questions to help before official support arrives. As I understand, your core is the Zen, and the DAC is connected to the Zen.

  1. Leaving the MacBook off, If you bring up the client software on an iPad or phone, can you get roon to play to the DAC and does it continue to play if you shut down the remote app on that device.

  2. You did not load the error message for support to see

  3. Is you Macbook connected via Wifi or etherent?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response - see mine below.

  1. Yes, I can start ROON using my iPhone (with my MacBook off). And it does continue to play when I turn my phone off. ****** This is a good work around, but I much prefer the MacBook because often I like to look at Artist information, lyrics, et cetera. But still, not have the Mac on constantly.

  2. I reloaded the error message. Do you see it now?

  3. My MacBook is connected via wifi (Comcast internet).

Do you know generally how long before Roon Tech Support responds to issues like this? I have not heard from them.

I think you would usually have heard from @support by now, but at a guess queues are longer at present while they work through the 1.8 fallout…

Could you post a screenshot of your signal path when playing controlled from the MacBook? Evidently something odd is going on, and it might provide a few clues.

Thanks Andy. Here are 2 screen prints to see the Signal Path (I am upsampling).

Just an idea…OK?
Try installing Roon Bridge on the Mac. See if that helps.

Um. I’m not convinced it’s working the way you think it’s working…

From the signal path, I think Roon is ‘feeding’ the Lyngdorf over your network as a ‘Roon Ready’ device, not via usb from the Zen, because it says ‘Roon Advanced Audio Transport’ (ie RAAT’) in the path.

The only mechanism I can think of that would ‘shut off’ Roon when you close the MacBook is if you are inadvertently running it as a Core as well as a remote. Is that possible?

(Apologies in advance if I’m talking rot. It’s quite possible!)

I’m a newbie to Roon so I don’t mind the questions.

Roon tells me that I have Innuous setup as my Core and my MacBook setup as my Remote. Please see the attached screen print.

Hi Tim - I have never heard of Roon Bridge so I will look into it.

If you have a minute, please elaborate on your theory as to why this may fix the problem.

Cool. What do you see under settings/audio?

Page 2 of Settings/Audio.

Ok. That confirms that you are playing to the Lyngdorf as a Roon Ready endpoint. It’s seen as connected to the Zen Core, but not enabled. It’s arguable which is the ‘better’ option, but I’d leave it as is. You could maybe unplug the usb cable between Lyngdorf and Zen.

Just to be absolutely clear, when you say ‘Whenever I turn off my Mac Roon stops playing’, do you mean turning off the MacBook you are using as Roon remote?

Yes. When I unplug the Mac that is the Roon Remote, Roon shuts down completely.

When the Mac is OFF and I use my iPhone to start Roon, I can turn off my iPhone and Roon continues to play (as it should if I turn off my Mac).

However, if I start Roon using my iPhone, and then turn on my Mac, to look at Artist Info or anything, and then shut off my Mac, Roon stops working.

I have my Roon Core on a Mini PC. I noted a while ago that I sometimes have problems with Roon continuing to play when I shut down my Windows 10 Roon app - shouldn’t but it did. I downloaded Roon Bridge from Roon’s download area and installed it. Roon now realised that the Windows 10 wasn’t a server and playback didn’t stop when I shut down the app on the Windows 10 machine.
So, maybe installing Roon Bridge on your Mac might force the system to realise that your Mac is not your server. Just an idea :joy:

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You have tried all the variations I would have run through…

I’m not familiar with the Zen. Is there any software interdependency between Zen and Mac? For example, a configuration or control utility on the Mac that auto starts and might cause the zen to shut down if the Mac shuts down?

Do you leave the Zen on all the time?

It’s very easy to get lost in the permutations Roon offers!

The knowledge base does a pretty good job of explaining Roon Core, Roon Server, and Roon Bridge running on various combinations of the same and different machine, and why you might want to. But people still get lost!

Agreed, Andy!

Did you ever have Roon installed as a Core on your Mac? If you did, then I would ( and obviously make a backup of your database, just in case)

a. Uninstall Roon on the Mac.
b. Re-install it and during the re-install choose the Zen as the Core. Do not choose USE THIS PC, as that would just install the Core sections again.

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