Roon stops playing when shuffling

Hello again all it’s the shuffle guy.

I appreciate all the advice and I have acted on much of it.

I now have an i7 NUC (recommended by Roon). I have loaded ROCK on it.
it works great.

my music files (16 and 24 bit FLAC are loaded on my QNAP nas).

I have around 128,00 tracks.

My IMAC is my controller.

My NAS, My Bang & Olufsen A9, and my Nuc are all connected to my router via network cables.

My NAS communicates with ROON via SMB & IP address.

I set up ROCK on the NUC just as ROON directs.

I had hoped that these additions would have eliminated my shuffle problem. Although I love the setup and Roon it has not eliminated the original problem.

I have been shuffling my collection for the last 22 hours. I just looked at ROON and a track is displayed, the PAUSe is avail like the track is playing. The timer is at 0:00 and the iCON to the left of the track has music bars moving up and down as if music and track were playing but no music is playing.

So kinda the same issue when shuffling. Is it unreasonable to expect Roon or any other music software to be able to shuffle forever or should Roon be able to shuffle for ever.

During this journey a few have asked my why someone would want to shuffle so many tracks. I get the question and even ask it of myself sometimes but in the end ROON costs $$$$ and I cannot but help think it should be able to shuffle for whatever is forever.

Thx much for any help…or even scorn

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