Roon stops playing when Surface Pro turns off the screen?

Hello. Playing around with using a Surface Pro as the library/host for Roon. Works well but when the screen turns off, Roon stops playing. Turn the screen back on and it starts playing. I don’t have this problem on a laptop i had been using and I have set the Surface to not go to sleep, etc. .

Any ideas?

Still no fix for this? I’m having the same issue.

It’s not just Roon, this happened to me when I was trying out tidal MQA, so it seems to be a general surface pro issue.

I did however find the setting that stopped it stalling but it ate up the battery life.


I have no problem using JRiver though, so it seems as though this is a Roon issue.

Well at least Roon and Tidal, I was using the Tidal app.


It’s too bad, this basically prevents me from getting a Subscription. I mostly use Roon late at night and don’t want my screen on. Hopefully someone from Roon will comment.