Roon stops playing

I’ve installed roon on new Server (System:NUC, W 8.1, i7, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD,NAS). It runs, but after playing a while (3 or 4 Songs) roons stops playing. Only when I skip to the next song or song before or when when I’m moviing a little bit on the Songs timeline, roon awakes again and begins to play.

What is the matter for this topic? I didn’t have this problem with the old Server, which is in the same Network and connected to the same switch as the nw one.

Thank you

Since it is a new system my bet would be that you check your energy saving settings. Probably overlooked some settings there which cause the system to enter some energy saving measure.

O.k., that could have been the solution. I thought, the main Settings were enough (switched to “never sleeps”), but then I changed settings in the Sub menu. The devil is in Details …
Thank you!

Great to see you got the system working, now you can enjoy roon again to the max!

The Problem is back! I have had changed nothing in the settings! I did not have this problem over a long period and now it’s back. The same symptoms as I descrid at the beginning of this thread and I stopped the time: it happened every 11 min.
Is there anybody of the Team with ideas?

May be that I solved the problem again by myself: because Autostart didn’t work reliabel in the past, I created a Task “start roon” during the booting process of Windows. But in this task routine the standard setting of process priority is only 7 (lower than normal). That isn’t enough for roon. Unfortunetely there is no possibility to change this in the GUI of the Task Scheduler. So I exported the Task and changed the priority in the XML file from 7 to 4 (normal) and imported it back into the task scheduler. And no it works! No interupts …