Roon stops running on it's own

This problem have not occurred, yet, but now I have another problem, and it’s that Roon just closed itself for some reason, it’s not running… this has happened before but I never put any time into it.
I was going to play music and the core was down, checked the pc, yup, Roon was not running… any ideas?

Hi @Andreas_Lindmark,

Since this is a separate issue, I’ve moved it over to it’s own support thread. When the issue we were originally discussing occurs again, please follow up in the original thread.

Moving forward, can you describe what exactly happened? Roon was in the middle of playback but closed on it’s own? Did you see any errors?

How often does this occur? Have you noticed any patterns in what seems to trigger Roon closing?

After this happens can you open Roon once more without issue?

Is this a PC? Do you have RoonSErver to start on a reboot? I’ve seen this happen when an unattended Windows update occurred.

Yeah it was running and playing, and after a bit a realised it was very quiet.
Well, it’s just happened once this time around (had this issue before but it was years ago, probably not relevant now)
Roon opened just fine when I started it again.

It’s my workstation, Roon starts at reboot, it was not an unattended update, those are managed manually :slight_smile:

Hi @Andreas_Lindmark,

If you do see this issue return please let us know!

Yep, me too. When they happen; which is rare for my LTSC versions.

I assume that means there are other softwares running actively or in the background. If so, have you thought about moving it off the workstation and onto its own dedicated hardware?

Yes, I usually run it in my InnuOS, but there are other issues there, with Roon hanging (another thread).
I think maybe we not focus too much on this issue, since I’m on windows now just temporarily when support and me are trying to figure out the hangs.


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