Roon stops streaming high res files regularly and skips to next track

Roon Core Machine

I am running Roon with Qobuz streaming and other files on a Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 laptop with 16GB RAM and external 2TB Samsung solid state external drive. I am connected to Comcast with ethernet cable from their router / modem (1 year old) that tests at ± 500 mbps download… System is ethernet router to Uptone Audio etherRegen switch, then ethernet to laptop and then to PS Audio Bridge II in the PS Audio DAC with latest updates… 44 /16 files mostly play uninterrupted, but 96/24 and higher randomly stop streaming with old Roon build and new updates, and skip to next track and repeat problem. Sometimes so often that I give up and switch to my CD player or vinyl. I have my own files as well as Qobuz files in 44/16, 96/24 flac, and about 50 DSF. My IT guy tried switching DNS server from Comcast to Google yesterday, which he says is more dependable, to no avail.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Hey William, are you still having this problem after updating to Build 882? If you are, let’s get as much detail about your network as possible – specifically, the model names of the networking gear you’re using (routers/switches/etc) and how everything is connected (wifi/ethernet).