Roon stops Synology Hibernation

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS920+ with Intel Celeron, 4-core 2.0 Ghz, 4 G of ram
DSM 7 (brand new unit and fresh install)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi router
Netgear switch
Synology is hard wired (not wi-fi)

Connected Audio Devices

Airplay to 1 Apple TV and 2 Apple Airports for testing

Library Size

12 tracks for testing

Description of Issue

I’m presently testing Roon, using a brand new Synology and very impressed. However, I noticed once Roon Server was installed, the Synology stopped hibernating.

I did some testing and noticed once I stopped Roon, the Synology would hibernate again as normal. Once I started Roon up again, there was no more hibernation. (fyi, I have almost noting installed in this unit yet)

After digging in some more, I found two things… First I found posts from years ago with this same issue. Has there been a fix since then that I am missing? Secondly, I looked at logs and noticed there seems to be a Trace entry every five minutes labeled [broker / accounts] [heartbeat] which I am guessing is a keep alive heartbeat API? Not enough info to really tell… but is it possible whatever event Roon has running every five minutes is keeping the Synology awake?

Anyway… was there a fix for this issue found yet ? Will placing Roon and database on an SSD solve this? If not…, is there any potential issue with scheduling the Roon server to start and stop everyday, avoiding times I would not typically be using it? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Michael_Koenig, at this time there is not anything that can be changed to alter how Roon is communicating with the drives, apologies for the inconvenience!

If you mean using a different Core machine and connecting to the NAS over the network, I would definitely recommend this. It doesn’t necessarily solve the problem you’re having here, but I notice that the Synology you’re using doesn’t meet our requirements and that can definitely cause some issues.

There shouldn’t be any problem with this. If you’d like to stop Roon during times when it’s not actively in use that’s totally okay.

Hi Dylan, Thank you for the response.

Eventually I would like to move Roon Core to a more powerful machine… perhaps a NUC or perhaps the one you guys make, but in the meantime, I would like to optimize what I have. So, if I may, let me ask about how the following incremental steps might affect drive hibernation.

For the short term, I have the Synology NAS to work with. My original SSD question was if I were to add an SSD drive to the Synology M.2 slot and re-install Roon Core and its database on that new SSD, would Roon continue to keep my HDD’s with the music files from hibernating when they are not in use? In other words… does the core have a cron or some other timed event that would continue to access the music files (on HDD’s) even when Roon is not in use? Or will all the activity be on the SSD and theoretically the music file HDD’s can hibernate?

That leads to my second question… later, when I do move to a different Core machine as you suggested, but if I continued to use the NAS for music file storage… does that change anything with drive hibernation on the NAS or will the same problem exist?

I am hoping that whatever is stopping the HDD’s from hibernating is due to activity in the Core and database as I understand this issue unfortunately seems to be only with Synology. I assume Roon, by design, normally does allow HDD’s to hibernate or sleep occasionally.

I appreciate your help!

I have a Synology NAS connected to my NUC running Roon which is different from your use case. The NAS is active 100% at a low processor load and it does not hibernate at all. Only if I turn off Roon on the NUC the NAS settles down and reaches hibernation state.
I have not found a solution to this problem and I don’t have the knowledge to examine this behavior any further. So separating the Roon core software from the NAS storage may not solve your problem.

Thank you… this is not what I was hoping for, but exceedingly good info to know.

Regarding a solution, I don’t think there is enough info on any the Roon logs for any of us end users to solve this. I do see a heartbeat in the log every 15 minutes, but no idea what it is really doing. I also see [zone Local] Canceling Pending Sleep every 10 to 20 minutes as well, but without knowing more, this could be referring to anything. And the Synology hibernation logs seem to be an experiment in minimalism.

Thank you again for letting me know about your NUC + NAS experience.