Roon stops trying to play after too many load failures

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Home network on Virgin Hub 3. Laptop is wireless. Very light use

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Laptop to Storage = USB
Laptop to DAC in Pre-amp = USB
Pre-amp = McIntosh C50

Description Of Issue
Just renewed my licence and nothing but irritation. First, downloaded the application successfully but it wouldn’t start. Solved that by rebooting. Next, message about building a database. Finally launched but could not recognise audio devices. Rebooted twice and that eventually went away. Current problem seems insoluble: Roon keeps abandoning playback because of too many track loading failures. I do not use Qobuz.

Thanks, but I’ve been wireless with no problems since 2016 up to about 4 weeks ago when my licence expired

Hello @Reg_Basimi,

Can you please try selecting “System Output” as the active zone and let me know if you experience similar behavior? This would be outputting to your Laptop’s speakers and would help us eliminate some possible variables.

Will do…Thanks

Here’s what I got: “Playback was interrupted because track failed to load; stopping playback, too many failures”

Hi @Reg_Basimi,

This behavior was happening when you were playing to “System Output”, correct?

If so, I would next like to remove the external storage from the equation. Can you copy a few tracks over to your PC’s hard drive, add them to Roon and let me know if those experience the same behavior?

Did as you advised, but the response was worse. Roon just hung there interminably trying to load the folder on the PC which was only one cd’s worth. This struck me as erratic and the whole behaviour so far like software that was “confused” for some reason.

So, I uninstalled Roon completely, all application files and databases. Re-installed it an d this time, it took me through steps it had skipped before, for example, giving me a list of McIntosh pre-amps to choose from. Success! I think it sounds noticeably better than before, but maybe that’s just relief.

Thanks for all your assistance.

Hi @Reg_Basimi,

Happy to hear that reinstalling Roon has resolved this issue! If you have any further problems feel free to reach out again to us, otherwise hope you have an enjoyable Roon experience!

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