Roon stops working

Every other day or so, I queue up a track and tap play. Nothing happens. When I quit Roon on my Mac Mini and restart, everything is fine for a day or two then it happens again. I use a late 2014 Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM and my DAC is an EXOGAL Comet. I have an external hard drive which is a Lacie. Any ideas?

Hi @Alex_Sventitsky,

Welcome to the forum! I have a few follow-up questions as to better assist you:

  • Are you presented an error message when this issue occurs?

  • Do other zone still work and the Exogal is the only zone affected or does "System Output’ not work as well (for example)?

  • Do you notice any patterns to the type of media (Local/TIDAL/Specific Format)?

  • When this issue occurs, are you able to play content stored on the Mac Mini’s hard drive (internal, not the external one)?

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