Roon storage suddenly show folders twice (added -2)

Roon 2.0 build 1128
ARC 1.0.23

I am using roon on a rock system and just realized that the folders (both Storage and Backups) that are connected to the rock (WD Elements) now show the folders twice. And somehow there is a -2 added to the folders.

Does someone know what this is about?
In which folder do I have to copy my new files now?

Thanks Stefan

Roon Auto names the folder based on some ‘internal’ info in the USB drive, did you try to rename it . If you did Roon will do it again and again

Accept the inevitable Aunty Roon knows best :joy:

Guess what I did it as well.

Make sure you move all files out of your renamed one into Roon’s default then delete YOUR empty folder. All normality should return :sunglasses:, copy your music files to Roon’s default

I occasionally have this happen to me. Re-booting ROCK solves this always.

Thanks Mike,

the problem is I don‘t know which one was first.
It should be the one named ….04E7-p2.
The other one is named 04E7-p2-2.

Content is the same.

Still I don‘t now or understand why I have the luxury of having two folders.

Maybe it’s better to keep them both.

What do you think?


The creation date for both is today, and some have a later time. Did you really create the original one today?

And what about these versions?

These are very early 2.0 and ARC builds, I am guessing the very first ones. Any reason you are not updating?

Hey @Stefan_Janssen,

It’s great to see you on the Roon Community! You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread, are you still running into duplication issues? I’d like to see what your storage settings look like if so. And per @Suedkiez’s note, updating your build would be good to do as well in this case :+1:

Hello Benjamin,
thanks for the reply.
Yes I still have the same issues.
Two folders with more or less the same content.
I’ve deleted a view files from one (the one with the -2 ending). Unfortunately the files were deleted from both folders. So I am a little “scared” what to do next.

The build is Roon 2.0 1169 (I think I didn’t adjusted the number on my first post).

You asked for storage Information.
What do you want to know and how can I grab these informations?

Best Stefan

Hi, In Roon go to Settings → Storage it will look similar to this …

Typically if Roon is displaying the same tracks twice, it is because the folder path to audio file is being “Watched” twice. Checking this page will help to see if that’s the case.

I’ve seen cases where a user has setup Roon to Watch a top level folder and also another Watch point looking at subfolder within that top level folder. This result in Roon seeing the file twice (once from each watch point) which gives the result you are seeing on your system.

If you could share a screen of the Storage page that would help to diagnose the issue.

Also if you go to the track browser in Roon, use the “cog” icon to add the file path to the display and then post a screenshot here of what the file paths look like for a track that is showing twice.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Carl,
thanks for helping out.
But this didn’t look like a solution to me.
There’re no double path.
Hope the screenshots bring some enlightening
Thanks Stefan

Hey @Stefan_Janssen,

After enabling diagnostics on your account, it does appear that Roon was running into network errors during the analysis of your WE elements external drive.

Before doing anything else, make sure you have a recent backup saved :+1:

As a next step, I would disable your watched folders, and remove them from your ROCK. From there, I would give your router and network a hard reboot. Once things are back up and running, please ensure the ROCK is hardwired directly to your router, and re-mount the external drive. From there, re-add the drive to your watched folder.

Let me know if the same issue occurs :+1:

Hey Ben, thanks for the idea.
I just want to explain the changes you recommended in my own words to make sure I got it right.

Here is what I am going to do:

  1. I will make a backup (it’s done automatically)
  2. I will go into the Roon settings and disable all four connections to the folders
  3. Than I will disconnect the external WD HDD to the rock manually by disconnecting the usb cable
  4. Plug the power from the router and the switch
  5. After the network is up again I will reconnect the WD external HDD via USB to the rock
  6. and than I will reconnect the folders in the settings

My Questions now are:
I don’t see that there will be any change as there are still two folders for each music folder on the external WD HDD.
Will anything get lost in the playlists?


Hey @Stefan_Janssen,

This should help Roon rescan the drive in question to see if the same issue reappears. Nothing should get lost in your playlists, but that is also the upside of having a fresh backup just in case :+1:

Hi Ben,
the following worked…

I started with adding another backup volume and forced a new backup.
The system showed before, that a daily backup was done.
But the backup was only restorable with a date somewhere in 2021.
Then I erased all the backup files and startet the rock (NUC) hard.
And all of a sudden there are no duplicated folders anymore.

thanks for the support
Merry Christmas

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