Roon stuck at "Adding music to your library"

Description of Issue


I am in between internet providers and Roon is running on WiFi only, without connection to the internet.

I had to reboot the core and now Roon is stuck adding music to my library. I gather that this is caused by the Core being unable to connect to the Roon servers.

Still, is there any way to stop the Core from trying, or is it ok to just wait it out for 7 days until my new ISP activates my connection? It’s a bit worrying to see the tiny circle constantly spinning…



Hello @Chrissi,

This is not the way we had hoped we’d welcome you to our community: a very belated welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I am deeply sorry that we missed on your post for this long - too long, I might add considering that the 7 days you were hoping not to wait have passed a long time ago.

Is there anything else we could help with now? We’d love another chance to help :nerd_face:

Hi @beka,

no need to apologize. I powered through the week and everything is fine now that the spinning circle has disappeared. I am very happy with Roon and there’s nothing you can help me with at the moment.

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