Roon stuck at login

Hi Roonies,

I’m using Roon 1.1 on MacOs X. Today when starting roon it asked me to login. I insert my mail & password and the “logging in” animated logo appears and stays there… forever. If I click anywhere on the screen the “logging in” logo disappears and I’m back at the login screen. Re-downloaded and re-installed, but the same behaviour continues.

Any help appreciated, etc. :wink:

I’m having the exact same problem.

Try disabling Preferences --> Network --> (your connection) --> Advanced --> Proxies --> Auto-Proxy Discovery.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but I have it off already.
And roon appears to have connectivity as if I insert a wrong password or email it’ll tell me it’s wrong. It’ll only hang in the “logging in” if I insert the correct email/password.

Hello @Skywatcher, how big is your library and what version of Roon are you running?