Roon stuck changing formats from 96khz Esoteric K-03x

Hello, I’m having trouble with Roon and my Esoteric K-03x via USB. Basically if I’m playing 96khz, it will slowly slowly skip over 44/48/88khz content in the queue until it hits 96khz again and that will play. It will also jump up to 176khz content, which can then jump back down 44 afterwards. So the workaround is play 176 content after 96 content for now and then back down. But I can only hear Take 5 and Thriller so many times without going crazy.

This fortunately does not happen with my D1100, but I’m preferring the K-03x sound right now.

I have a similar problem with my dac. If you go from 44.1/24 to anything it looses lock and hangs the dac,
no other format has this issue and it doesn’t happen going to it only from it. Only a power cycle of the DAC will bring it back. This is not the case when using MPD on same device and DAC plays everything perfectly. Had an ongoing support ticket for some time. It’s really annoying as I have to use upsampling to get around it and I don’t really want to.

Hello @Charles_Stewart,

What operating system is the computer that’s connected via USB to the Esoteric K-03x running? If you go into the DSP Engine settings and enable “Max PCM Rate”, does this change the behavior that you are seeing? What about “Max PCM Rate (Power of 2)”?


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Thanks John, unfortunately that didn’t work for me. Would that force an upsample to the max rate for all content? For some reason nothing was upsampled and I saw the same behavior. I then tried to custom downsample 96khz to 48khz but kept getting 96khz output. After restarting roon same behavior.

From a similar thread -

John, sorry I forgot to add Mac OS, High Sierra, 10.13.6. Also originally the sample rate conversion was disabled. Then with the max, x2, and custom DSP attempts the Sample rate conversion was enabled though no different behavior was seen.

Hello @Charles_Stewart,

Make sure that you have both the “Sample Rate Conversion” stage as well as the master “DSP Engine” controls set to “Enabled”


There we go, I missed the top top level enabled toggle. I did a custom sample rate conversion with only 96khz being doubled up to 192, all other sample rates are set to default. So I’m hoping DSP doesn’t touch at all the other rates, and just the 96khz. I’d prefer my hardware doing the upsampling which I’m used to until I have time to A/B.