Roon subscriber after third trial

After two prevoius trial periods I am currently on my third trial. Roon is now a keeper! The Chromecast support and the possibility to stream independent, simultaneous Tidal streams finally got me over!

I have Bluesound in my main system and have also purchased a Allo digione player that will feed my headphone rig. I will replace (sad) my last squeezebox gear with a Chromecast built-in speaker (that even has physical nobs for volume and presets, a must for the kitchen). The kids will get cc buil-in speakers eventually so they can group them if needed. With Chromecast and Raspberry Pi you really can build a multi-room system without spending a fortune.

And the music library on my NAS is alive again! How cool is that!


Great news, I agree, chromecast really opens things up without having to use Bluetooth. I am sure you will have no regrets, welcome aboard!

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Which Chromecast speaker did you get. I’m thinking of replacing my aging Squeezebox Radio in the kitchen? I’ve seen a jbl one that’s quite inexpensive.

I’ve had several Radios but the are all gone now. I am replacing the Boom, bought in 2009 , which has a faulty, farting speaker.
I’ve looked at the JBL too and the Bluesound Flex has also been on my radar but too expensive I think. Did some googleing and found the Urbanears wireless speakers (I’m Swedish, the company is Swedish so why not?). I ordered the Lotsen ( Pilot in English) to the kitchen and will buy the larger Stammen to the kids eventually.

Some good news, for a change.