Roon Suddenly Is Not Seeing My DAC

Small Green Computer - Sonic Transporter
no pc is in use
Running Roon controlled by iPad Pro
Sonore Ultra Rendu
DAC is a USB connected MHDT Labs Orchid

This previously would happen once or twice a year. In the past, some combination rebooting the server, the optcal Rendu and the iPad took care of the problem.

Roon does see the DAC in my other system (downstairs)without a problem. I have verified that the MHDT DAC is fully functioning.

I have people coming over for a Christmas gathering in less than fours hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I will not be able to play music for the party unless this issue is fixed. Thanks.

Go to settings, audio. Verify that the device is enabled. The latest update disabled my dac. Had to re-enable and re-enter all the settings. Don’t know if this is the same as your problem but worth a look.

SK Bubba, Thanks! That was also my issue. Really appreciate the quick assistance!

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I was very rushed yesterday and spoke too soon. My DAC does not even appear now in settings, audio. The other DAC in my system will appear there anytime I turn it on and is enabled when it appears. Again, the DAC in question has been tested and is working fine, something else is responsible for this issue. I’m baffled.

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