Roon suddenly not responding to playback commands [Solved]

This problem looks like it stems from using the iPad. Any album I select to play does not start, though I can still navigate Roon through the app.
I have not encountered this problem on my desktop, though it also does the same thing if I first try and start playback with the ipad and then move to the desktop.

Sometimes when I select “play album”, the first track will show at the bottom but it never starts.

If I remote into the core computer, it will show track 1 from the album I tried playing at the bottom of the screen but nothing happens. From there I can browse through Roon like normal but nothing will actually playback.

Not sure what I should do first trying to troubleshoot this. I just closed all instances of Roon as well as rebooting the iPad and core pc, but still not getting playback if I first try using the iPad.

Doing some more playing around and it looks like the problem is due to a certain album (or file). I keep going back to this album since this is the album I decided to play and which seemed to cause everything to go to shit. Plays perfectly fine though in JRiver and all other playback software.

@vova, please help @robbbby get these files to us, so we can try to reproduce, and then fix the problem.

Hello @robbbby, I’ve sent you a PM with the instructions how you can send us logs and media.

We’ve tracked this down. This will be fixed in the next release.

Hi Robbby,
I’ll mark this thread [Solved] so the devs know it’s not an outstanding issue when checking through the forum. If you find that there is still an issue after the next build, please feel free to post in this thread again or open a new thread in Support as you prefer.

I too am experiencing a similar problem. I have lost all playback commands on my IPad while playing an album.
I can’t skip or stop a song on the album. When I try to search or play another album the Roon logo just jus keeps looking but can’t find it.

Hey Robert,

Have to tried shutting down Roon on the iPad and then restarting? Double click the Home button (bottom centre of iPad) and then swipe away the Roon app. Then try again.

You may also want to restart Roon (or Roon Server) Core.

Cheers, Greg