Roon Summer update not loading on my Mac Mini [Resolved - Removed corrupt Tidal account file]

Roon Core Machine Mac Mini Apple M1chip

512 GB (latest model).
Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon Ethernet 1GB connection.

Connected Audio Devices

Schitt Yiggy DAC USBC, Chord Qutest USBC, Denafripps ares 2 USBC, and Oppo 205 USBC.

Library Size

I only use Qobuz, and Tidal.

Description of Issue

I was on vacation returned tried to connect to Roon. The white screen stays on trying to open. Program does not open. I cannot access the program since the summer update. I deleted the program and reloaded it from the Roon website, still will not open.
See pics of current Roon folders.


Hey @Jeffrey_Hampel, we just released an update that might fix this for you. Can you try manually re-installing Roon again? You can grab the new .dmg from our website at the link below.

Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the reply. I am not able to access my equipment until tomorrow around 11:00EST. I will let you know once I try. Are you telling me I should delete Roon and reload again?


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Yup! Here’s what you should do step-by-step:

  1. Close Roon
  2. Open your Applications folder and drag the Roon app to the trash bin
  3. Download Roon from our website
  4. Open the .dmg file and install Roon
  5. Launch Roon and let me know if that resolves the issue
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Thank You! I will keep you posted.


Hi @Jeffrey_Hampel, how’d this go?

Hello Kevin,
I followed your direction and it is still not connecting.
Just the white screen??

Sorry Dylan. Please update.

Please respond! Are you working on this 2 weeks without service?

@Jeffrey_Hampel, looping in @Dylan and @Kevin. I recommend using @user tags if you need to send notifications.

Thanks for the info.

Hi @Jeffrey_Hampel

Can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? I’ll take a look at the logs so we can have a better idea of what’s going on. Thanks!

Hi Dylan,
Let me try.

Hi Jeffrey …I have a Mac mini also with a very similar config to yours. I had the exact same problem (blank white screen) after the software update. Several other Mac users were also reporting the blank white screen issue after updating. Roon “support” gave me the exact same response…try to re-install…if that doesn’t work, then “Dylan” will ask you for detailed config info and a copy of your logs. I also did that and no one from support ever followed up on the logs or offered a fix. I finally found a fix on my own. I can offer that info to you if you wish. I’m a big fan of Roon, but the “support” offered was beyond poor and I was down for almost 2 weeks before I was able to repair it myself.

Hello Brian,
Thanks for the reply. I just sent them my logs. Obviously they can’t figure out the Apple issue. I tried reloading several x. What is your fix.


Jeffery it turned out it was a tidal issue. Two other users had the same exact problem after the software update. The issue was seen by looking in the log files and identifying a “critical” error connected to Tidal login. You’ll need to go to “Finder” on your Mac and look for this directory…”Library/Roon/Database/Registry/Core/“ and delete file tidal_account
Then you can start roon again, and just re-login into Tidal as usual. After doing this my issue was completely resolved and Roon has been fine since the fix. I went thru the process of downloading my log files via Dropbox per the standard Roon support request. Support never acknowledged receipt or followed up with any commentary, after I sent several follow up inquiries. Great product…totally inept support process.

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Hey Brian,
Thank you very much! Maybe support will read this?
So far the support has not been great. I have to keep bothering these guys to get any response. I will try this!

Well they might…but my experience is that Roon has few individuals assigned to monitor the “support” area of these forums, and they seem to very over burdened with the workload. I have no expectations regarding Roon support any longer. It’s the advanced users in this community who provide most of the problem solving.

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I can’t thank you enough!! Fixed!