Roon support on Mac Studio Display

Last time I logged in, I thought there was a support category but I don’t see it. If you could point me to the right place, I would appreciate it. I recently added a 27" studio display to my iMac Pro system and have set it up as a zone and everything mostly works. The only problem is that sometimes when I am streaming a radio station. the volume is very low. If I switch to the main computer, the sound is fine. When I switch back it remains low. I have also restarted the system. I have tried multiple radio stations and the problem is the same across them. As an experiment, I tried playing something from my library and the sound was fine on the Studio Display. I switched back to listening to radio on the studio display and it was fine now. Any ideas?

@Jon_Saperia, I don’t have a Studio Display, but from within Roon, are there options to control the audio settings in Roon’s Audio settings page? There may be a volume limiter set, or some other parameter that Roon is seeing.

Thank you for the reply, but this is only happening to radio stations so I don’t think a setting is it. I double checked and there is nothing specific to radio stations that would appear to cause this intermittent behavior. If it were a setting, listening to something in my library and then going back to radio stations would not solve the problem. This seems to be a problem specific to something internal to roon.

Let’s see what Support comes back with, it does seem odd but not sure where to address yet. I haven’t seen this behavior on any Roon endpoint I use.

Hi @Jon_Saperia ,

Thanks for reaching out. What radio stations does this happen with, can you provide examples? When the issue occurs, what does your Signal Path look like, can you share screenshots? Do you have the volume turned up on your Studio Display?

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