Roon + Surface Pro 3 + Sonos

Newbie here! I don’t have Roon installed just yet and I am not a tech savvy person.
Here is my story:
I have a Vortexbox that I purchased from Small Green Computer several years ago. I wrote an email to their customer support asking whether I could install Roon on my VB.
Here is the answer I received:
The VortexBox is to slow to run Roon. It also does not have the required SSD drive for the Roon database.
Roon is amazing. It has revolutionized music listening. They offer a free trial if you want to try it.
and they suggested the following product would mate well with my exisitng VB:

That was a little disappointing since I don’t have that kind of money right now. And then it hit me - my Surface Pro 3 sits right next to my VB on my desk. It has an SSD drive. I also use Sonos to play all my ripped CDs that are stored on the VB 2TB drive. My understanding is that Sonos and Roon are now friends.
So (new please remember - I am not tech savvy!) - is there some way to marry the 3 devices together?
FYI: Both the VB and the SP3 run on my wireless home network - no direct ethernet connection.
I do have a Netgear extender which boosts my wifi signal and that extender sits right next to the 2 devices.
I posed this same scenario to the Small Green Computer support but since this is the weekend I probably wont hear back from them and though that maybe one of the Roon Community experts could help me.

I think this should work just fine. Wireless is generally fine, Roon should run on the Surface Pro 3, and we can send music to the Sonos.

Try it and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

It should work as Ben said. however, I would suggest to take it slow, copy a couple of albums to the Surface Pro, setup Roon and try streaming the local files to the Sonos endpoints. If all seems to be going okay, I’d then add the vortexbox into the equation.